Trend Alert : Athleisure

Oct 31st 2018

The athleisure trend is definitely big this fall and will carry on for quite awhile. This look is comfortable, cool and somewhat effortless. However, like any trend, there is always a happy medium to incorporate this look into your wardrobe. Rather than going full out sweatpants, sweatshirt, tennis shoes, etc., this trend is best pulled off in moderation. The trick is to balance sporty, street style items with your every day wardrobe. We put together 10 tips on how you achieve the off duty model look this fall and beyond.

1.Dress up your sweatpants or leggings with a leather jacket. It’s a perfect look for traveling or running errands. You’ll instantly look effortlessly cool.

2. An easy way to make any outfit sporty is to trade out your heels for a pair of sneakers.

3. Avoid bright colored leggings, instead incorporate prints like camouflage and stick to a neutral color palette.

4. Don’t wear anything too oversized. If you’re going for an oversized look on top, make sure you have leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom, otherwise you could end up looking messy

5. Find a basic tee, that’s not so basic. Try one with embroidery or destruction details. A graphic tee is also a great option as well!

6. Break up a sporty look by tying a plaid flannel button up around your waist.

7. Throw on a chic cardigan over your tee to dress it up a bit.

8. Make a dress work into the athleisure look by adding a pair of tennis shoes and a baseball cap.

9. A huge way to get the athleisure look right, is to accessorize correctly. A large trendy tote can go a long way with this look.

10. The most important way to nail this trend, is to make sure your items are in good condition. This trend isn’t about wearing your sweaty gym clothes or ratty t-shirt to brunch, but rather putting together a cool, sporty look. 

Check out our athleisure inspired looks below...