Best Selling Shawl Vest

Our best selling shawl vest is now available online! We are so excited to share our favorite piece with you and hope you fall in love with it as much as everyone else. It'll soon become that item in your closet that you won't want to leave the house without! 

Not only does the shawl vest (AKA the O-700) come in a wide variety of beautiful colors, but it can be worn multiple different ways...


1. The "short" way. To achieve this look, you need start with the seam under the armholes and you put your arms through. From here let the top layer drape over your shoulders and voila, you have a shawl that is perfect to layer over a dress for a special occasion or keep it casual with a t-shirt and jeans! 

2. The "long" way...because sometimes we want to cover the booty! Keep in mind, the shawl vest is one big circle. To make it longer you will need to turn it until the seam is above the armholes. As you put it on, you will notice that it is now longer in the back and less material up front. We like to wear it this wear with leggings or joggers!

3. You probably guessed it, based on the name of this item, but the third way to wear is to "Vest" it!  When you have the shawl vest on, drape the material forward and let it cascade down for the cutest and flattering vest look. Again, the vest can be done in the short or long version, depending on your outfit needs. 

This fun and versatile piece is perfect for any occasion! Pair with a graphic tee and comfy joggers for the cutest airport/travel look! Keep one at your desk or bring with you to a restaurant on date night for when the AC is just a little too chilly. We also love to wear the shawl vest over a dress or jumpsuit at an RSVP event! Needless to say, the list to wear is endless.

The shawl vest is one size, so it also makes the perfect gift for all ages! Oh and the best part yet, it's machine washable (are you sold yet?!) 

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