Dirt Bag Beauty Rise N Shine Face Mask
Dirt Bag Beauty Rise N Shine Face Mask

Dirt Bag Beauty Rise N Shine Face Mask

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Customizable, Vegan, Water-Activated, For All Skin Types Fragrance Free Rise N Shine Vitamin Boost Face Mask- Up to 5 uses.

Nourishing & Revitalizing Achieve glowing skin with this revitalizing vegan vitamin face mask. Infused with fruit-derived Vitamins C, B3, and B6 from pineapple, banana, apple, and papaya, as well as antioxidant-rich green tea, this mask gently exfoliates and improves skin texture with natural sources of enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Experience a transformative skincare experience with this hydrating and refreshing formula after just one use! Our ingredients are sustainable, free of toxins, & our packaging is compostable & biodegradable.

To use, just add a bit of water. Adjust the thickness to your liking. Less for a polishing effect, more for a thicker texture. After activating, customize your product according to your skin's specific needs on any given day. Add honey (for antibacterial benefits), yogurt, or your favorite oil for extra moisture.